Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Three Motors

High Speed Paper Cutting Machine, Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, Notebook Cutting Machine, Board Cutting Machine, Copy Making Machine.

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

We manufacture best quality of Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine for Printers. Binders and Box Makers. The Cutting efficiency is accurate and production capacity of Machine is very high. Runs fast and cut quickly and accurate. Machine is used for Notebooks Cutting and Binding, Board and Box Cutting, Cardboar Cutting, Wedding and visiting card cutting and can cut all type of similar and other materials also. The cutting blade is heavy duty and adjustable. Pannels and instuctions are given for easy operation of Machine. Machine's working is very simple and easy to operate.

Paper Cutting Machine Features

  1. Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine ROYAL Brand.
  2. With Three Motors and Safety Censors (Photo Cells).
  3. Electro Magnetic Type Clutch and Brakes.
  4. Motorised Back Guage.
  5. Motorised Clamping (Daab).
  6. Two Cutting Blades (As one with Machine and one extra).
  7. High Speed Oil Bath Worm Gear.
  8. All Front Tables Steel Plated.
  9. Centarlised Lubrication System with Oil Pump System on Machine.
  10. Gunmetal Bushes and Branded Bearings.

Technical Specifications

SizePile HeightCuts/MinutePower (H.P)Floor Space
33" 4.5" 25 2 64" x 64"
37" 4.5" 25 2 70" x 70"
43" 5" 20 3 78" x 78"

Accessories Included

One Extra Cutting Knife, One Screw Driver, One Oil Can, One Cutting Stick, Two Wrenches.


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